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Título original: La saga: Negocio de familia

Sinopsis de El negocio de la droga

It begins in the middle 30's in a town near Bogotá, Colombia. Tomás Manrique, his wife Josefina and his little son Pedro, had to take a train and leave that town as soon as a war conflict started in the area. When they arrived to Bogota, a man called Pascual became their friend, and got a hotel for them to stay. When Tomás and Pascual got closer friends, Pascual robbed them. But when Tomás found it out, and went to reclaim his money, Pascual introduced him into an easy-life world, into dirty businesses and crime. In that very moment, Tomás damned the whole 5 next generations of the Manrique family. He damned them to suffer and made their lives a hell. Ten years later, Pedro met Marlene, a nurse, and fell in love with her. Pascual was having money troubles with Tomás, suspecting that he was taking advantages of their businesses and &"gaining&" more money than him, so he killed him. Pedro found this out, and killed Pascual the day of his own wedding with Marlene. But before Pascual died, he said: &"I curse you, Pedro Manrique. I curse you, and your sons, and the sons of your sons. All their lives will be a such a hell, than the only rest they'll have, will be death&". With the help of a medium called Magnolia, Pedro found out that in a far future, his sons Armando and Antonio would have serious troubles and that one would kill the other. So Pedro knew that the only way to save his family from the curse, was love. The next generations, in 1970's, 80's, 2000, 2005, and 2006, had a very sad history: betrayals, loves, murders, and most of all, all the stories involved with dirty businesses. The Manriques: a family damned to suffer. Written by ivanreina


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