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Título original: Quinceañera

Sinopsis de Quinceañera

Maricruz and Beatriz are best friends although Beatriz comes from a wealthy family and Maricruz does not. Both are about to turn 15, an age when they will leave their childhood behind. Maricruz, with her beauty, catches the attention of two youths: Pancho, a hardworking easygoing and honest young man, and Memo, the neighborhood punk. She falls in love with Pancho but her dominating mother does not approve of him because he is only a mechanic. She dreams of launching her daughter into society with a lavish debutante party; she wants her daughter to have a more comfortable life. But Pancho and Maricruz fight for their love... until Memo tricks Maricruz into thinking he has raped her and she breaks up with Pancho in shame. Beatriz also falls in love, but with Maricruz's brother, a good-for-nothing who takes advantage of her innocence and leaves her pregnant. Girls, welcome to adulthood... Written by Anonymous


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